Theory of the good

theory of the good

theory of the good – first beds in the colour garden of CASAdelDRAGON

After first little interventions at the plot of the colour garden (jardi de colors, laboratori d´artistas) of the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in summer, we started in November 2014 to arrange the first beds and to develop the ground for the first plants.

One of the big questions was how to start a garden, how to develop a garden that would be at the same time useful, pleasant and accessible for larger numbers of visitors per year. How to arrange spaces for the plants, the workers and also – in respect to nature – how to embed the local environment with its many kinds of wild plants (e.g. old species of Amaranth).

We asked some professional gardeners in Germany and Spain, but there was no real answer, no guideline to start. It seemed to be a very special task to start such a garden and to design it. Maybe some landscape architect would have been useful, but that was not affordable for such a private cultural project. So we went back to research and designed the garden like a leaf.

This structure is based on our knowledge about physics, logistics, art… and life. Make it simple is one of the main rules. We combine best-practice solutions. We used some standards like DIN 18065 to define paths (for cars, for people, for workers with and without wheelbarrows).

The important point was – exactly – the first point. The shape of the leaf is one thing,but in order to transfer this design to the ground, we needed the single anchor, the zero-point, the central landmark.


the first central landmark – CASAdelDRAGON – colour garden

One of my questions to the members of the living community familiafeliz was: what do you think should be the center of the garden? The response was clear and direct. We want a place to come together! My next question was: Do you want to have seats to sit there? The answer was yes. And my last question was: Do to want to face the garden when you sit in that place or the center (and the faces of the others)? The answer was: We want to look into the eyes of the others in this center of the garden of Epicurus! We want to see the happiness in their eyes!

Big thanks to Katharina, Agnes, Guy and Sonia to help measuring the first points and to start the first beds.


Bed covered with cardboard – CASAdelDRAGON

We devided the first part of the bed (parcela no. 1) in three pieces. On two pieces we dug the ground over in the classical way. On the third part we covered the ground with cardboard.


bed framed by natural stones and stocked up with the ground from the left path

The land was not used for more than three years. There are a lot of natural stones everywhere. We collected some of them and we used them to frame the pieces and – in that case – to hold the cardboard. We filledthe bed with the ground material of the little path on the left side of the bed. The idea of the leaf as ground plan adapts to the veins of a leaf on a tree. Each vein is a path between individual beds and spaces throughout the entire garden.


preparing the path for drainage – first habitants on the garden – CASAdelDRAGON

Sometimes it rains a lot in a few hours and the ground cannot cope with so much water. We use our veins for drainage.

We planted some vegetables for later spring (now in Spain is the right time to do this 🙂 …) for the helpers, wwoofers and for us.

If you want to join this place, this project, this spirit, please use our form to apply for a residence in the house of the dragon.