Thank you for your support!
EL-DRAC only works through a lot of support from wonderful people all over the world. Art and culture are not primarily driven by economic goals. So we are proud to point out that here some people are helping us to develop the network and to make events and projects become real. Thank you! If you want to be part of an international art family, feel free to contact Juan Petry for more information. We need your support! We bring colour into your life and share a lot of happy and rich moments. Contact us now!

Becker, Annette – Germany
Schultz, Antje [more…] – Germany
Andreas Kellner – Rotunde Katholikenbahnhof – Bochum -Germany
Lorena Lujan Edo – MUCBE Benicarlo – Spain
Karsten Grimpe – KunstLichtBlick – Germany
Knut Hansen – Germany
Anne Hansen – Germany
Günter Petry – Germany
Ingrid Petry – Germany
Corinna Klein – Germany
Martin Wolfram – France
Feliciano Petry – Germany
Regina Kühnöl, Bilderbuchmuseum Troisdorf, Germany
Luisa Görth – Spain
Angela Brons – Germany
Peter Schmitz – Germany
Josi Ganzenmüller – Spain
Senta Koske – Germany
Halvard Langhoff – Germany
Hanne Langhoff – Germany
Heide Schultz – Germany
Volkmar Schultz – Germany
Ulli Rödder – Germany

If you want to help us develop this network, check out Juan Petry on Facebook or write an e-mail to jp /at/ .

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