Radioactive – exhibition in Asbeck – gallery BRUECKE


radioactive – art exhibition and performance in Asbeck – Germany – 2016

In the region near the gallery the germany government founded a final destination for radioactive material.

Citizens and artists created a location to guard the material – reflecting to the non professional organisation of public administration.

Sunday 17 of july the location will be inaugurated.

The press will be informed. Visitors and helpers are welcome.

Sunday 17.07.2016 15:00 hrs
Galerie Brücke
Brückenstr. 3
48739 Legden-Asbeck
Phone: 02566-559270
email / at /

Exhibition Radioaktiv – artists :
– Petra Nijman
– Istallation Hans Nijman
– Video Hans Nijman
– Performance “Atomianer”
– Installation “Endlager”
– Alternatives to nuclear energy – Jürgen Kruse
– artist talk