dinner with the artist – recipe 1


CASAdelDRAGON | Cervera del Maestre | Spain

salad (main shoot) with onion and champignons on rice with pink pepper

per person

100 gr fresh champignons
150 gr lettuce leaves
1 main shoot, upper 10 cm, cutted into small pieces
100 gr rice
6 pink pepper corns
1 medium size onion
3 big spoons olive oil
10 gr sea salt
2 l spring water
1 garlic
1 small piece of inger
ras el hanout
rice with inger and garlic cooking in spring water without salt, after 5 min boiled swelling without further heat, draining
champignons fry in 2 table spoons of olive oil
salad leaves with hands teared into small pieces, mixed with the cutted pieces of the main shoot and cooked in spring water for 10 minutes, draining
onion cutted into small pieces and roasted gently in 1 table spoon of olive oil
onions folded into the salad, to add some seasoning at the end with ras el hanout and sea salt
pink pepper crashed in a mortar, sprinkled on top of the rice
served with red wine (fitou)


recipe number 1 – served at the terrace of the artist residence CASAdelRAGON – apply for your dinner with the artist now.

About love of pleasureI take you on a journey of art and culture from Spain and Europe and welcome you as my guest in the dragon house terrace. Apply for your personal dinner (04.06. – 25.06.2016, saturdays 20-22 hrs, only by appointment, max. 4 person) by mail.

Family Constellations – performance by Juan Petry – Rheinbach (GER)


Family Constellations also known as Systemic Constellations and Systemic Family Constellations is an alternative therapeutic method which draws on elements of family systems therapy, existential phenomenology and Zulu attitudes to family. In a single session, a Family Constellation supposedly attempts to reveal a previously unrecognized systemic dynamic that spans multiple generations in a given family and to resolve the deleterious effects of that dynamic by encouraging the subject to encounter representatives of the past and accept the factual reality of the past (Wikipedia).”

Family constellation – a seduction – performance by Juan Petry, Ibrahim Almeslat and Nicole Bartel – Rheinbach 15.05.2016 – 18 hrs. – Glaspavillon – An der Glasfachschule

free entrance – 17.00 doors open – more activities here

art of bread

bread of the artist - prototypes of different cereals

bread of the artist – prototypes of different cereals

the bread of the artist

In 2016 the conceptual artist Juan Petry started a project around bread in Castellon (Spain).

“As part of my german roots i was growing up in Cologne, a capital of art and culture in Germany. In this country we have a lot of different types of bread. If we went into a normal bakery you could select between more than 30 types of bread normaly, sometimes they offer more than 100 individual variations (Juan Petry).”

Many foreigners and even spanish people with some knowledge about this country of bread would like to have the chance to get such a bread here in spain. The local oeconomic situation is worst for all. Petry decide to promote and help to develop a network between customers and producers of bread, as a social sculpture and itself a social intervention and art work.

In May 2016 he will publish the first joint-venture in art with the local bakery in Cervera del Maestre. This will give local people, gastronomy and hotels access to his bread: “El  drac – pan de artistas“.



fresh and clean water from one of the last open fountaines in the area of Cervera del Maestre – Font Sant Vincente – Traiguera

The ingredients for this bread are high quality plants from the region of Tarragona (spelled, rye, corn, potato). All is local and bio! We us fresh clear water from a local fontaine.

The bread will be availible in the local bakery of Cervera del Maestre (every friday) and in selected places around in the Baix Maestrat.

More information here .


Natural farming – hommage for Masanobu Fukuoka

Xavier - wwoofer from Barcelona - formed some clay seed balls

Xavier – wwoofer from Barcelona – formed some clay seed balls

CASAdelDRAGON develop the sculpture garden in some areas by using do-nothing-agriculture, designed and developed by Masanobu Fukuoka.

As part of the socio cultural activities we formed with local clay seed bombs (pumpkin, tomato, beans, paprika) and invited the wwoofers throwing them on unused terraces in the garden.


Xavier - wwoofer from Barcelona - formed some clay seed balls

Juan Petry watered the balls and throw them in the garden area

To start the process of germination we watered the balls before.


The eagle has landed - one clay seed ball - broken and ready to start the germination

The eagle has landed – one clay seed ball – broken and ready to start the germination

In a first session in mid april 2016 we distributed more than 50 seed bombs in an area of 400 sqaure meters on the lower area of the sculpture garden. We marked some places and we will monitor and document the results here in the blog.

More about Masanobu Fukuokanatural farming – permaculture – guerrilla gardening


Gallery Luzia Sassen presents international artists


Adelka John & Juan Petry – auf kurzem Weg!

Opening 20.04.2016 – 6 p.m.

Luxemburger Strasse 345, 50939 Köln (Cologne) Germany

including a life music performance of Ibrahim Almeslat (composer, musician, political activist from syria)

free entrance – limited places – come to this event and show the power of amazing citizens in civil wars!

more information : gallery webiste

the art of loving – contemporary artists as amazing citizens

Since 5 years the german art couple nicole bartel and rolf habel performe “LOVE” in Rheinbach near Bonn/Cologne in Germany in the famous glaspavillon.

The fantastic mix of art, show, performance, dance, theatre and installation attrack more and more people every year. its also a nice comming-together of contemporary artists and ends-up a lot of times with jam-sessions in the night.

Many other projects are born and designed at that place and for this bartel and habel are holding the key of contemporary art at its best since years.

Next opening 07 of may in Rheinbach. More Information on Facebook and on the website.



OPEN CALL – Rheinbach 2016 – culture open the world


By the 5th aniversary the project Fortune/Love confirm this:
cultural worlds, promotes interest in new, is communication and expression in community and keeps us all alive!

When drawing, graphics, painting, illustration, text, phrases, collage, digital art etc …
max. Din A 4, (incl. name, title, homepage), the idea is to print all digital posts on tracing paper, to present it as a NETWORK SETUP in the pavilion for 5th anniversary!

POSTS PLEASE HERE LOT, thinking of the resolution, 200 dpi !!! https://www.facebook.com/events/1707358799503504/?ref=1&action_history=null&source=1

In addition there are still 5 glass display cases as EXHIBITION space POSSIBILITY for any kind of art available, the 160 square meter glass area provide a wonderful sound for voice and music, workshop and stage is in a special atmosphere, ACTION, IDEAS, WELCOME! JOIN US!

7 to 29 May 2016 Thursday to Sunday from 16 hours, for children and adults, across generations, for free
Glass Pavilion Rheinbach, at the Glass School 4,
53359 Rheinbach
————————————————– ———————————

The nationwide initiative “Culture Opens Worlds” clearly shows how cultural workers and institutions get involved in cultural participation. The focus is on planning, implementation and communication of cultural activities for people of all ages, regardless of their social situation, an impairment or their ethnic origin. In the week of action from
21 to 29 May 2016 making actors from federal, state and local cultural diversity of their region experienced. On the Internet portal http://www.kultur-oeffnet-welten.de/ participating actors are presented and reflected from April 2016 Best-practice examples. “Culture Opens Worlds” is a joint initiative of federal, state and local authorities, artistic confederations and actors from civil society. The network young ears is the nationwide coordinating body. The House of World Cultures is responsible for the Internet portal http://www.kultur-oeffnet-welten.de/ The initiative “Culture Opens Worlds” is sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

open call for artists – exhibit in a gallery in germany

Broken Words are broken words, neologisms & word fragments … imaginary, spelled, choked,
screamed words … words of feeling, the brainwaves, the fragments of memory … the words
art, poetry, politics and history, fantastic … how radical, tender as devastating, clear as

„option.265“ – Kunstraum
Martina Unterharnscheidt
Johannes.Kepler.Straße 19
53902 Bad Münstereifel.Effelsberg

offers you to apply for free to exhibit under these conditions in germany in this gallery space. Read more (pdf, german).


CASAdelDRAGON – sustainability includes recycling

the recycling stock - bottles - looking for more !!!

the recycling stock – bottles – looking for more !!!

The color garden project implies a lot of different activities. We prepared a place to collect and guard second hand material. Every guest of the house of the dragon and the color garden is welcome to donate some empty glas bottles of beer, wine and water. We will hem use later in walls (as a part of installation and sculptures).

It is highly desirable that guests will bring such material to the garden directly.


the recycling stock - wood - bottles - ceramics - big packs - metal

the recycling stock – wood – bottles – ceramics – big packs – metal

Also we are looking for every stuff useful for construction, like iron, metal, and especially ceramics. If you have some lonelytiles ceramic stones in your garage, carry them to the color garden and enjoy them taking place in one of the sculptures there.

We need also: stainless steel sinks, old bicycles, wheelbarrows, gardening tools, ladders.