Casa del Dragon - Artist Residence - Spain

Casa del Dragon – Artist Residence – Spain

The Network
The European art project EL-DRAC is motivated by the reality of life for artists in Europe. Young and committed artists with the desire for inter-cultural and international exchange deserve – and get here – the chance to be exhibited and marketed all over Europe. EL-DRAC promotes the current political approach to maintain unity through diversity in Europe by means of cooperation, interaction and joint projects. EL-DRAC is an innovative and additional art intermediary and works as an informal network for artists, buyers and art dealers. EL-DRAC is a reliable international partner for existing local structures. EL-DRAC organizes the dialogue.

The Aim
EL-DRAC brings together all the partners in the art market in a smooth and easy way, artists, art agents, gallerists, commisioners, selectors and art lovers and – of course – supporters. EL-DRAC is a virtual NGO (and also non-profit-organisation). We share only information between our partners. El-DRAC is organized as a swarm of fish. Each partner is independant and free, and gives his power to this network for free. Real projects are initiated by our members, sometimes under the brand of EL-DRAC, sometimes not. Communication makes business. We are the European art communication network.

The Reality
EL-DRAC itself is virtual, but the members and projects are real. You can feel and see the real results of EL-DRAC in contemporary art exhibitions, in reunions, in workshops, in festivals, art fairs, art markets and artist education. In such a project some of us decide to create something real, e.g. an exhibition. Sometimes some of us think it is better to use another organisational form like an association or company to make a project become real. We call these children of EL-DRAC. We call them spin-offs. Artindent.org, Artisthelp.org and Artsurprise.eu are real spin-offs.

Partners and Supporters
EL-DRAC is based on its members and their power. A member is an artist or a supporter. But it is also very important to collaborate with other networks. We are well-connected with many partners, like CASAdelDRAGON, artistay, kunstfirma, ruhrbiennale, Saint Henri, KunstLichtBlick, Rosa Aussicht, Sevengardens. EL-DRAC focuses on communication between these as a main target.

Be Part of it…
If you want to participate in our activities and are willing to support and develop our network as a full member, you have to subscribe (as a candidate) for 2 months. To do this, you will have to find 2 guarantors (full-members) to invite you into the network. Start this process now and communicate with two full members. Search our artist list or art gallery here or search our members on facebook or other social networks. EL-DRAC is unique AND closer to you than you think. We are more than 160 members in 21 countries in Europe. See you soon. Best wishes on your journey inside our powerful and amazing art network!

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