Landart Convent Opening 18.07.2015

cartel-expo-web-300 1st Landart Convent – official opening of the colour garden / artist lab in Cervera del Maestre / Castellon

18.07.2015 – 19 hrs – Cervera del Maestre – Castellon – follow the signs “EXPO” in CV 135 !

Featured artists:

OLGAG team | Olga Gruszka
and Agnieszka Żerdecka (NL/POL)
Björn Göttlicher (GER/CAT)
and Pol Vancells Roldós (CAT)
Wolfgang Strecker (GER)
Sonia Eva Domenech (CAT)
Patricia Flain (UY)
Clara Llabata (VAL)
Juan Petry (GER/VAL)


Special thanks to Andreas Schrader, Renate Braendlein, Carmen Domenech, Antje Schultz, Corinna Klein, Irene Faber, Utz Faber, Rasmus and Julius Faber, Elena Anglés Ballester, Merche Cerverón Civera and all the people of Cervera del Maestre.

hours: open every sunday 17 – 20 hrs in July 2015 – follow the sign “EXPO” from CV 135