first aquaponics dye garden project in the world


first aquaponics dye garden project – as part of the UNESCO featurend project – in the world


As part of the educational activities – – the artist residence CASAelDRAGON will start an aquaponic pilot project as part of the dye garden in Cervera del Maestre.

“We combine the advantage of aquaponics and sustainable production of pigments out of plants. Many of them are usefull for the health, comestible and also base of natural pigments. Using solar energy and the excellent mild climate of east-spain, will create another level dye gardening. The project is unique and the first combination of dye gardening with aquaponics in the world. We do social art projects. And we will move the people! (Juan Petry, Founder)”

The social space of UNIIE – the free university of informal education – will offer classes and workshops starting in 2016. Especially for the spanish society aquaponics will stimulate and cultivate a new scope for sustainable business in Europe.

If you want to join the team in spain, you are welcome. Apply here for a residency and develop in 2015 the project with knowledge and power.