Corazon – Centro cultural Antonio Marchado exhibit members of the european art network EL-DRAC in Cologne



Every generation creates new ex-patriots. For work, money, territories, nature and knowledge the people move for years or forever to new places. They learn to adapt the way of life in the new country, the language, the behaviour, the rhythm.

But inside, they feel the distance, the gap, the heimat. Even spanish language has no word
for this inner feeling of the house of the fathers, the street where they have played as a child, the interieur of the shops, where they bought the sweets… but there is a heart, telling and remember all the time the histories of the past, the language, the smell, the rhythm.

Even artists move and talk about the childhood, the distance to home, the feeling to be ex-patriot.

Centro socio cultural Antonio Marchado in conjunction with the european art network EL-DRAC shows selected international artists, all ex-patriots. They are also full of illusion and dreams, to arrive really in the new places, discovering a new life.

The special guests Nicole Bartel and Rolf Habel will perform an open sound session.

Opening: 01.06.2014 – 6 p.m.
horarios: 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Mo – Sun

Links: Exhibition place | Antonio Marchado | Artists: Domenech Petry Plötz | Special guests: Nicole Bartel – Rolf Habel