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Abejas de amor – new social art project by Juan Petry

“To bee or not to be, is a real question. (Juan Petry)” The artist has started a new social sculpture project in eastern spain. He offered people in the Maestrazgo region (Castellon) to mount some bee hives in their backyards.

“We want to give bees a social space for personal happiness. Our target is not to make money with honey, our target is, to develop varroa tollerant populations of bees and keep on pollinisation running in the region. Also we use the instinct and strategies of the european bee types to develop a live with varroa and also with chemical treatments of modern argiculture industries.”

The project is part of the activities of the living community familiafeliz and the free university of informal education (UNIIE).

More about: artist | community | ada = abejas de amor | varroa | bees

Spanish school join the-final-message-project

primary school of Cervera del Maestre, Castellon, Spain

The primary school of Cervera del Maestre join the art project “the final message” of the spanish germn artist Juan Petry. The artists works and lives part of the year in the historical center of the village in the mountains of Maestrazgo between Benicarlo and Sant Mateo.

The complete school will make a walk to the garden area – in 22 of may – and help to mount the pillar of freedom, charged with hundreds of messages in wine bottles.

At the same time the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON will host youth from Romania. These little artists will prepare the pillar for the local school and support the event in the sculpture garden.

Beside spanish and romanian children other youth groups in Europe will join the project too.

The final message is an social sculpture and art project of Juan Petry and part of an european art project by Alfred Mevissen called pillars of freedom. More than 100 artists from different european countries will mount pillars. The official opening will hapen in 9 of november 2017 in all places.

the final message in Cologne

The art project “the final message” will be part of the xTALK of Juan Petry tomorrow in the art gallery of Luzia Sassen in Cologne (closed event and sold out).

Art lovers are invited to the art space GLASPAVILLION in RHEINBACH to deliver their contemporary message for the future. The space is open every weekend till 20 of May. More…

Selectors and art lovers are invited also, to come to WINDECK GERRESSEN in 6 of May to a one night art show in an old farm house of the HANSEN family (opening at 7 p.m.). We show contemporary art as photography, painting, installation…

It is also a chance to participate in the social sculpture THE FINAL MESSAGE….

dinner with the artist – recipe 1


CASAdelDRAGON | Cervera del Maestre | Spain

salad (main shoot) with onion and champignons on rice with pink pepper

per person

100 gr fresh champignons
150 gr lettuce leaves
1 main shoot, upper 10 cm, cutted into small pieces
100 gr rice
6 pink pepper corns
1 medium size onion
3 big spoons olive oil
10 gr sea salt
2 l spring water
1 garlic
1 small piece of inger
ras el hanout
rice with inger and garlic cooking in spring water without salt, after 5 min boiled swelling without further heat, draining
champignons fry in 2 table spoons of olive oil
salad leaves with hands teared into small pieces, mixed with the cutted pieces of the main shoot and cooked in spring water for 10 minutes, draining
onion cutted into small pieces and roasted gently in 1 table spoon of olive oil
onions folded into the salad, to add some seasoning at the end with ras el hanout and sea salt
pink pepper crashed in a mortar, sprinkled on top of the rice
served with red wine (fitou)


recipe number 1 – served at the terrace of the artist residence CASAdelRAGON – apply for your dinner with the artist now.

About love of pleasureI take you on a journey of art and culture from Spain and Europe and welcome you as my guest in the dragon house terrace. Apply for your personal dinner (04.06. – 25.06.2016, saturdays 20-22 hrs, only by appointment, max. 4 person) by mail.

art of bread

bread of the artist - prototypes of different cereals

bread of the artist – prototypes of different cereals

the bread of the artist

In 2016 the conceptual artist Juan Petry started a project around bread in Castellon (Spain).

“As part of my german roots i was growing up in Cologne, a capital of art and culture in Germany. In this country we have a lot of different types of bread. If we went into a normal bakery you could select between more than 30 types of bread normaly, sometimes they offer more than 100 individual variations (Juan Petry).”

Many foreigners and even spanish people with some knowledge about this country of bread would like to have the chance to get such a bread here in spain. The local oeconomic situation is worst for all. Petry decide to promote and help to develop a network between customers and producers of bread, as a social sculpture and itself a social intervention and art work.

In May 2016 he will publish the first joint-venture in art with the local bakery in Cervera del Maestre. This will give local people, gastronomy and hotels access to his bread: “El  drac – pan de artistas“.



fresh and clean water from one of the last open fountaines in the area of Cervera del Maestre – Font Sant Vincente – Traiguera

The ingredients for this bread are high quality plants from the region of Tarragona (spelled, rye, corn, potato). All is local and bio! We us fresh clear water from a local fontaine.

The bread will be availible in the local bakery of Cervera del Maestre (every friday) and in selected places around in the Baix Maestrat.

More information here .


Natural farming – hommage for Masanobu Fukuoka

Xavier - wwoofer from Barcelona - formed some clay seed balls

Xavier – wwoofer from Barcelona – formed some clay seed balls

CASAdelDRAGON develop the sculpture garden in some areas by using do-nothing-agriculture, designed and developed by Masanobu Fukuoka.

As part of the socio cultural activities we formed with local clay seed bombs (pumpkin, tomato, beans, paprika) and invited the wwoofers throwing them on unused terraces in the garden.


Xavier - wwoofer from Barcelona - formed some clay seed balls

Juan Petry watered the balls and throw them in the garden area

To start the process of germination we watered the balls before.


The eagle has landed - one clay seed ball - broken and ready to start the germination

The eagle has landed – one clay seed ball – broken and ready to start the germination

In a first session in mid april 2016 we distributed more than 50 seed bombs in an area of 400 sqaure meters on the lower area of the sculpture garden. We marked some places and we will monitor and document the results here in the blog.

More about Masanobu Fukuokanatural farming – permaculture – guerrilla gardening


new bio is local – fruits out of the color garden of CASAdelDRAGON

new "bio" is "local" - fruits and vegetables out of the color garden of CASAdelDRAGON

new “bio” is “local” – fruits and vegetables out of the color garden of CASAdelDRAGON

“The new bio is local”. Under this term the artist residence and think tank CASAdelDRAGON develop the color garden and its plants. “We are happy to discover the way of transforming chemical treated farmland into high quality soil. Its an amazing story based on several friends, supporters and woofers in the last 2 years, to get such nice results. (Juan Petry)”

The eco garden is part of the local activities of the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON. It is an advantage for visitors and guests, because they will reap and eat these salads, fruits and vegetables.

“Amazing to see what we get in early spring ot of this art garden, the local microclima is so nice and offers so many variations of consumable plants.”

If you want to know more about the residence program, the exhibition activities or social cultural events follow the links. Have also a look at the webpage of the free university of informal education, another social sculpture and cultural movement in conjunction with the house of the dragon.

And follow us on Facebook.


state of affairs – the open kitchen project – CASAdelDRAGON

moving the material (20 to till now)

moving the material (20 to till now)

As part of the activities in the color garden we started to build the open kitchen. This social plastic, itself an artwork and sculpture, will host an open kitchen and an oven to cook for wwoofer and other willing helper and supporter in the garden area.


a living shuttering build with natural stones

a living shuttering build with natural stones

After starting with three lines of deep foundation we build the living shuttering (living in that case means, that it becomes part of the surface of the buildung).


concrete platform and first walls with glas bottles

concrete platform and first walls with glas bottles

Moving more than 8 to of sand, gravel, water and natural stones we finished the platform of contrete and started with first walls. The glas bottles are used to give some light inside the sculpture.

two strong workers are putting the first stones

two strong workers are putting the first stones

Under supervision from Che his mother placed some concrete blocks in the right positions. The excavator is not needed…


basement of the oven and kitchenette done by claystones

basement of the oven and kitchenette done by claystones

The basement of the oven will be used to guard wood and other stuff, the kitchenette will be part of the working area of the open kitchen to handle food and to boil dye plants (to get pigments) and to manufacture natural soap.

natural stones around

natural stones around

One of the most wonderful things for an artist (even if he work in the field of social sculpture) is to work with natural stones. On one hand its a slowly work but you should taste it and you will enjoy the flow (decelerate yourself in times of burn out).

Thanks to Sonia, Che, Mariella, Margret, Noah, Antje, Corinna and Katrin and all the other hard workers to start this project. We will continue…

(March 2016)

maju – a culinary journey from adventure to being


Dinner & Art: Saturday 24. April 20167.00 p.m. to 10 p.m.
A 6-course menu and 12 stories about art and food – in conjunction with the social sculpture CASAdelDRAGON in Spain
Location: galerie luzia sassen | Schönecker Weg 5 | 51570 Windeck (NRW / Germany)

Dinner & Art: Tuesday 26. April 20167.00 p.m. to 10 p.m.
A 6-course menu and 12 stories about art and food – in conjunction with the social sculpture CASAdelDRAGON in Spain
Location: galerie luzia sassen | Luxembuerger Str. 345 | 50939 Köln (Cologne / Germany)

limited number of participants – attendance by invitation only –  booking exclusively here: Luxemburger Str. 345, 50939 Köln, Tel.: +49 (0) 2248 – 44 53 45, Fax: +49 (0) 2248 – 44 53 46,

maju is time for love of pleasuremaju is a culinary journey from adventure to being. maju combines 12 stories about art and cuisine with a unique delight for your taste buds and heartmaju combines exquisite dishes made from carefully selected ingredients with the presentation of curated art works. Be part of a unique experience!

Mariella cooks with ingredients from the garden of colours (Jardi de Colors laboratori de artistas, project of UNIEE – free university of informal education, Castellon, Spain). Juan talks about art and natural food on the road to the social sculpture CASAdelDRAGON.

Landart Convent Opening 18.07.2015

cartel-expo-web-300 1st Landart Convent – official opening of the colour garden / artist lab in Cervera del Maestre / Castellon

18.07.2015 – 19 hrs – Cervera del Maestre – Castellon – follow the signs “EXPO” in CV 135 !

Featured artists:

OLGAG team | Olga Gruszka
and Agnieszka Żerdecka (NL/POL)
Björn Göttlicher (GER/CAT)
and Pol Vancells Roldós (CAT)
Wolfgang Strecker (GER)
Sonia Eva Domenech (CAT)
Patricia Flain (UY)
Clara Llabata (VAL)
Juan Petry (GER/VAL)


Special thanks to Andreas Schrader, Renate Braendlein, Carmen Domenech, Antje Schultz, Corinna Klein, Irene Faber, Utz Faber, Rasmus and Julius Faber, Elena Anglés Ballester, Merche Cerverón Civera and all the people of Cervera del Maestre.

hours: open every sunday 17 – 20 hrs in July 2015 – follow the sign “EXPO” from CV 135