ARTSURPRISE at the Art Festival KUNSTPUNKTE 2014

Kunstpunkte 2014 art festival

Kunstpunkte 2014 art festival

A happy art lover meets contemporary art from the Catalan artist Jordi Castells from Tortosa in the art festival KUNSTPUNKTE in Eitorf, Germany.

Artsurprise shows art from more than 220 artists from 28 European countries plus art from Afghansitan, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela and Argentinia.

Over 300 boxes where waiting for the next customer. This happy customer got one of the “Jackpots”. The box was filled by a Catalan artist with several little paper sculptures. Under the title “In the office” Castells prepared a scenerie and various little sculptures.

“I want to reject the entrophy in the world. This is my mission (Jordi Castells).”

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