CASAdelDRAGON – working areas

CASAdelDRAGON and the colour garden project offer different working areas. Some places are inhouse, some places are in the beautiful landscape of the garden area.

The studio in the CASAdelDRAGON offer working space on 20 square meter with two big tables and some technical facilities (beamer, different tools for handcraft work, computer).


CASAdelDRAGON studio 2nd floor


The terrasse of the CASAdelDRAGON offer working space on 20 square meter with a beautiful view from the sandbanks of the ebro delta to Vinaros and Benicarlo at the coastline.


CASAdelDRAGON – 2nd terrasse


The studio in the CasaPachaMama offer working space on 20 qm for sculpturing. It is recommended to use this studio for work which generates dust.


Casa Pachamama – 2 minutes from the CASAdelDRAGON in the center of the village

The CasaPachaMama is located in the new center of the village 2 min by feet from CASAdelDRAGON.



working space with shadow in summer – under the figs in the colour garden

The garden area offer various open and lightful and silent protected areas to work. More than 6000 sqaure meter are available for landart and sculpturing.


sculpture garden area with terraced hang as part of the garden of epikurus

One area of 1000 square meter beneath some fig trees offer space with part-time shadow.

Outside the village of Cervera del Maestre offer various silent and lightful places, the ruins of an old castle on the top of the hill, a rock garden, 4 fountains, forrests and a dry river.


Cervera del Maestre – one of four fontains near the village