active youth group from Romania visit CASAdelDRAGON

Clubul Tinerilor de Succes (Successful Youth Club, from now on CTS) is an active group of youth in Ciocanesti village in Romania which supported by ApEAL (Association for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership) initiates, organizes and manages community and personal projects on the principle of personal development through community involvement.

The group will join the social art project of Juan Petry in the CASAdelDRAGON in Spain. The artist will mount a 3 m high pillar in the sculpture garden. He invites people – even school classes and acivte social activists – to join the project. Participate NOW!

The pillar will hosts hundreds of bottles, and each bottle guard a “final message” of a contemporary young artist for future generations.

The visitors from Romania will be hosted in the artist residence and think tank CASAdelDRAGON between 16 and 23 of May. They will start foundation and the first layers with there messages.

The final message – pillar is part of a european wide art project pillars of freedom initiated by Alfred Mevissen.

The project is only possible with sponsors and enthusiastic powerful social activists. So big thanks to: Rüdiger Görth, Sorina Floroiu, E. and A. Brons, Clara Llabata and the friendly people of Cervera del Maestre (Castellon, Spain).

More Information : Artist Page | Project Page | Village in Spain | Artist residence