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Spanish school join the-final-message-project

primary school of Cervera del Maestre, Castellon, Spain

The primary school of Cervera del Maestre join the art project “the final message” of the spanish germn artist Juan Petry. The artists works and lives part of the year in the historical center of the village in the mountains of Maestrazgo between Benicarlo and Sant Mateo.

The complete school will make a walk to the garden area – in 22 of may – and help to mount the pillar of freedom, charged with hundreds of messages in wine bottles.

At the same time the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON will host youth from Romania. These little artists will prepare the pillar for the local school and support the event in the sculpture garden.

Beside spanish and romanian children other youth groups in Europe will join the project too.

The final message is an social sculpture and art project of Juan Petry and part of an european art project by Alfred Mevissen called pillars of freedom. More than 100 artists from different european countries will mount pillars. The official opening will hapen in 9 of november 2017 in all places.

the final message in Cologne

The art project “the final message” will be part of the xTALK of Juan Petry tomorrow in the art gallery of Luzia Sassen in Cologne (closed event and sold out).

Art lovers are invited to the art space GLASPAVILLION in RHEINBACH to deliver their contemporary message for the future. The space is open every weekend till 20 of May. More…

Selectors and art lovers are invited also, to come to WINDECK GERRESSEN in 6 of May to a one night art show in an old farm house of the HANSEN family (opening at 7 p.m.). We show contemporary art as photography, painting, installation…

It is also a chance to participate in the social sculpture THE FINAL MESSAGE….