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rainy days in spain – water in the river of Cervera del Maestre

In march 2015 the rambla of Cervera del Maestre was full of water. After 7 days of rain the soil in the region was unable to support so much liquid. Also the fincas and beds flooded at this time.

One of the important tasks will be, to collect, route, store and guard the water. Also to charge the quality of the water will be a goal.

20150323_115529The rambla de Cervera was flooded and impassable. We could not reach fincas of friends in the mountains.


20150321_132901The entrance of the assecia in our land – a little lake.



The water takes a lot of soil from upper plots. We will gurad it and use it to charge the humus quality in the garden area.


20150323_113955The concept of raised beds (approx 15 cm higher than the ground) is successful. We dont lost soil and humus. The little ways in the garden full of stones hold the water.



This weather phenomenon happens 1-3 times a year but not every year. We expect a more frequent repetition due to a long-term weather forecasting. The old people of the region telling us, that weather changes in an amplitude of 100 years, 50 year more and more dry, 50 years more and more rain. Since 2013 we are in the second part, more rain.

Interesting is, that 30 years ago the last wine cooperative in the region was closed, because it was to dry. Now every year more and more farmes are returning to wine. Following the iths weather phenomenon of 100 years the wine disapperas in the mountains of castellon and returns to the coast. Its time for wine now.