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ARTSURPRISE at the Art Festival KUNSTPUNKTE 2014

Kunstpunkte 2014 art festival

Kunstpunkte 2014 art festival

A happy art lover meets contemporary art from the Catalan artist Jordi Castells from Tortosa in the art festival KUNSTPUNKTE in Eitorf, Germany.

Artsurprise shows art from more than 220 artists from 28 European countries plus art from Afghansitan, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela and Argentinia.

Over 300 boxes where waiting for the next customer. This happy customer got one of the “Jackpots”. The box was filled by a Catalan artist with several little paper sculptures. Under the title “In the office” Castells prepared a scenerie and various little sculptures.

“I want to reject the entrophy in the world. This is my mission (Jordi Castells).”

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Secrets of a social sculpture



Biostation 53783 EITORF (near train station) – as part of the art festival KUNSTPUNKTE *** 18. and 19. October 2014 – 12.00 hrs – stories behind the social sculpture ARTSURPRISE.

Did you know that more than 220 artsist form 28 countries have joined this project? Did you know that more than 25.000 unique – original and handmade artworks are on their way to meet YOU? Did you know that ARTSURPRISE transforms American military technology to art?

You want to know more about this amazing art project? Lets meet in Eitorf. Be on time and enjoy the world of art. Keep in mind, art makes happy.

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Association of the cemetary in Windeck-Hurst (Germany) donates 60 chairs

60 chairs for the house of the dragon

60 chairs for the house of the dragon

The association of the cemetery of Windeck-Hurst donates 60 chairs for the education center of the CASAdelDRAGON in Cervera del Maestre.

With this donation the artist residence continues the process of building an education center in eastern Spain. The chairs will be part of the colour garden, which for itself is a part of the – the UNESCO project for dye gardening.

“In spring 2015 we will welcome a dance company from Germany and they offered us a life performance in the garden. Now we have the chairs for the audience. Later we will use them in class rooms and for workshops (Juan Petry, founder of CASAdelDRAGON).”


Links: colour garden | CASAdelDRAGON | sevengardens |

ArtSurprise opens a new point of sale in Münster – Germany

boesner meets artsurprise in muenster

boesner meets artsurprise in muenster


The European art project ARTSURPRISE.EU opens a new point of sale in the art store of Boesner in Münster (Germany).

Three weeks after the inauguration of one ARTSURPRISE.EU vending machine in Witten the project enters a new area in Germany.

“It is a big task to be truly represented in the area and not only in a few large cities. As an individual artist, I need strong partners, the early recognition of the importance of the project. The company Boesner is such a partner and I am pleased to be able to set up another machine in Münster. The machine is placed in the well-stocked shop right next to the cash register area and is clearly visible. Customers find art from more than 25 countries in Europe and more than 200 artists. Always a reason to visit the shop. In both of these vending machines there is a big surprise for the customers: art from South America and from Afghanistan – both in conjunction with our joint ventures in art – initiatives (Juan Petry).”

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